The Grande Carte

We present the dishes of our Grande Carta, a selection of prestigous dishes that have deep roots in the culinary tradition of the Riviera with its fish and seafood specialities and of the hinterland with meats and specialities of the land. Asmara, the best place where to eat in Sanremo.

    • Appetizer

      € 11,00

    • Carpaccio of Salmon marinated at citrus salt with wholemeal bread, sweet butter and Vermentino vinegear

    • Ligurian rustic tasting

      Flat bread with Stracchino soft cheese and pink salt and assorted "Bruschetta"

    • Ligurian "tile" of cheeses and cold cuts


    • Sauteed Octopus with Badalucco's beans and "Evo" Taggia's olive oil at rosemary


    • Vegetables flan with Toma Piemontese cheese


    • First Dishes

      € 13,00

    • Vegetable soup with croutons and "Evo" Taggia's olive oil


    • Borage's Ravioli

      choice: tomato sauce, butter & sage or walnuts sauce

    • Risotto with Lobster with egglplant cream and mozzarella quenelle

      (minimum 2 people)

    • Paccheri (Pasta) with small tomatoes, red chicory and Swordfish

    • Trofie at "Genovese" art with pesto sauce and green beans over potatoes cream


    • Main Dishes

      € 19,00

    • Strips of veal with cherry tomatoes, rocket and smoked Scamorza cheese

    • Filet of Beef cutted with Reggiano cheese cream and crispy peel potatoes

    • Fried Squids and Prawns in bread crust


    • Tuna steak at sesame with shallot and Dolceacqua's Rossese reduction


    • Umber filet (according to the catch) with grilled egglplants and sauteed vegetables


    • Garniture

      € 6,00

    • Sautèed vegetables Ratatouille


    • Fry'n Dip


    • Grilled Vegetables


    • Green saland and tomatoes with "EVO" di Taggia's olive oil


    • Crispy potatoes with rosemary


    • Salads

      € 10,00

    • Cesar salad

      Green salad, tomatoes, bread croutons, olive oil, shaved Parmesan and Chicken or Shrimps

    • Nicoise

      Green salad, tomatoes, boiled eggs, green beans, salted anchovies, peppers, olives, salt, pepper and Taggia's olive oil

    • Mixed

      Green salad, tomatoes, carrots, cuccumbers, corn, green beans, olives and peppers

    • Rich

      Green salad, tomatoes, carrots, Mozzarella cheese, walnuts and bacon

    • Exotic

      Esotica Green salad, tomatoes, hearth of palm, shrimps, Edammer cheese, apple, pineapples and corn

    • Hamburgers

      € 12,00

    • Fraizburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomato, crispy bacon,Stracchino soft cheese and Beef burger

    • Italyburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomato, Mozzarella, basil, thyme and Beef burger

    • Classicburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomato, Edammer cheese, Beef burger

    • Chickenburger + side dish

      Bread, salad, tomatoo, Edammer, grilled Chicken burger

    • Hot Dog + side dish

      Bread, Frankfurter, Ketchup and Majonese sauces  -  € 8,00

    • Side dish at choise between

      Fry'n Dip, Grilled vegetables, Green salad and tomatoes

    • Dessert

      € 6,00

    • Cream pudding flavored

      (citrus, red fruits, caramel or chocolate)

    • Tiramisù

      (with espresso or dek coffee)

    • Junket Cheesecake di giuncata con sour orange jam


    • Cake with warm dark chocolate and orange and vanilla ice cream

    • Cutted Fresh Fruits

    • Lemon Sorbet

    • Three chocolates Mousse with marjoiram pralines


    • Gourmet Coffee

    • White after Eight

      (Espresso with: Mint cream with white chocolate chips)

    • Sveglia!

      (Espresso with: crushed marjoram and licorice cream)

    • Primo caffè come una volta

      (Espresso with : first drops of coffee emulsified with sugar in grains)

    • Meringato

      (Espresso with : Italian liquid meringue)